What material are the earrings made of that you pierce with?
Implant grade titanium (100% hypoallergenic and nickel free)

Can I bring my own piercing jewelry to my appointment?
No, we steralize all of our jewelry to reduce the risk of infection. We also use a special technique for piercings that requires our piercing jewelry. 

How long do I have to leave the piercing jewelry in? 
For the entire recommended healing time. Make sure you came in on Walk In Wednesday for a post down size and while you're in for your downsize we can change the push pin top of your jewelry if you'd like something new.  
Lobes: 6-8 weeks
Conch: 6-12 months
Daith: 6-12 months
Forward Helix: 6-12 months
Helix: 6-12 months
Nostril: 6-12 months
Rook: 6-12 months
Tragus: 6-12 months

How old do you have to be to get pierced at Drop Piercing?

How long does the appointment take?
15-30 mins

What is the healing time?
6-8 weeks for lobes
6-12 months for cartilage and nostril

There is a bump on my piercing, what is it and what do I do?
It's probably a piercing bump. A piercing bump can be caused a few different ways and can be easy to treat! Hang in there, if you follow these instructions it should go away soon...

Not properly drying your piercings can cause a bump. Sometimes a bump forms when moisture gets trapped in your new piercing and works its way out in the form of an annoying little bump. *Keep your piercing(s) dry! To dry: blow dry on the coolest, low setting on your blow dryer or fan dry your piercing on the front and back anytime your piercing gets wet. Here are some instances when you'll need to dry your piercing(s): bathing, showering, working out, even after your saline aftercare. 

Sleeping on your new piercing can cause a bump. *Do not sleep on your piercings. Sleeping on your piercings causes the post to move and slant to your ear when you lay on it causing an irritation or piercing bump to form. This can also cause your piercing to heal at a funny angle prolonging the healing and can make wearing hoops and other jewelry painful. Jewelry will not lay flat on the ear when a piercing is slept on. 

Twisting, turning and touching your new piercing(s) can cause a bump. *Don't touch, twist or turn your new piercings, as this can cause irritation at the piercing site. Touching can also introduce bacteria to your piercings causing a bump or infection. 

Do not apply ointment, alcohol, tea tree oil, hydrogen peroxide or witch hazel on a piercing bump- ONLY SALINE.

My piercing is really swollen and there’s not much wiggle room for any more swelling. What should I do?
Come see us! We can put a longer post in your new piercing, when the swelling goes down we will continue to downsize until the back of the earring sits comfortably flush on the ear. 
*If we pierced you then this service is FREE!

What’s your store policy for piercing minors?
For minors (under 18), a parent or legal guardian must be present during the appointment to complete our waiver and approve of piercings. 

* We DO NOT pierce cartilage (forward helix, helix, flat helix, conch, tragus, rook, nostril, daith) on minors under the age of 15, even with parent approval. This includes nostril piercings.

What are your hours?

10-2 on Wednesdays (walk-ins only)
All other hours change weekly, tap here to view this week's hours.

Do you accept walk-ins?
YES! We get it- getting a piercing can be an impromptu decision! You can view our Walk In Hours here, keep in mind they change weekly.

Do you offer industrial, septum, dermal, belly button, tongue, eyebrow or any other body piercings? 
No, only ear and nostril. 

Where are you located? 
Idaho Falls (Ammon)
1639 Market Way Ste B
Ammon, ID 83404

Located inside SALON SUITES, Suite B

55 E Main St
Rexburg, ID 83440

Located above Love Olive Co on Main Street

What are your hours?
They change weekly, click here to view this weeks hours

How can I talk to someone about an appointment or piercing? 
Give us a call or shoot us a text @ 208-516-0596

How do I book? 
Click here to book for Rexburg.
Click here to book for Idaho Falls.

How do I cancel my appointment? 
You can edit and cancel your appointment through the text or email confirmation you received when booking. 

What’s your cancellation policy? 
We would greatly appreciate 24 hours notice when you cancel or edit your appointment.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Cash, Card, Venmo, Afterpay  

Are all of the tools you use for piercing single use? 
Short answer is YES, unless its our scissors or hemostat clamps. Our scissors and hemostat clamps are disinfected and then re-autoclaved after each use. 

Does your piercing jewelry tarnish?
Eventually, yes. But you can wear it for a few years before it does!

What do I clean my piercing with?
ONLY SALINE. We recommend and sell NeilMed Piercing Aftercare Solution. Do not apply alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or witch hazel to your piercings, these are drying agents. 

Do you sell aftercare?
Yes! We recommend and sell NeilMed Piercing Aftercare Solution. 
Our Aftercare is sold Ala carte or in packages.

Small NeilMed Solution: $15
Large NeilMed Solution: $20
Piercing Pillow: $18

Small Aftercare Package: $30
Small NeilMed Solution
Piercing Pillow

Large Aftercare Package: $35
Large NeilMed Solution
Piercing Pillow

What are your aftercare instructions? 
2x daily, spray NeilMed® Piercing Aftercare solution 2-4" from piercing (6-8 weeks for lobes and 6-12 months for cartilage piercings). Fan or blow dry on cool setting until front and back of piercing(s) are dry. Hands off! Don't touch, twist, or turn
your new piercing(s). Don't apply alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or witch hazel to your
new piercing(s).

How am I supposed to sleep if I’m a side sleeper?
PIERCING PILLOW! Our Piercing Pillows are a donut shaped pillow made for side sleepers. Simply place the Piercing Pillow on your pillow, lay your head down with your freshly pierced ear in the hole. The hole creates a barrier between the ear and pillow so it doesn't touch your pillow when you sleep. 

Do you sell your titanium jewelry?
YES! Come shop our jewelry! Our piercing jewelry is priced per piece starting at $15 per piece + we carry a wide variety of screw back and huggie earrings in our studios too! You can also shop our jewelry online here.

Do I come in for a post downsize for my lobe piercings?
No, only cartilage.

When do I come in for a post downsize for my cartilage or nostril piercings? 
After 6-8 weeks or when there is plenty of wiggle room on the post for a downsize. If your piercing is still swollen, this could be longer. 

What’s the piercing that’s supposed to help with migraines?
Daith. A daith piercing is an inner ear piercing that goes through the innermost cartilage fold. It is believed to help with migraines and anxiety.

I think my piercing is infected, what should I do?
Continue with saline aftercare and keep the piercing jewelry in. Consult with your Dr. if you’re worried about infection. 

I passed out last time I got a piercing, can you help with this?
Yes! Make sure you eat 1-2 hours before your appointment. Inform your piercer if you're prone to passing out. We will provide you with candy and juice to make sure you're blood sugar is up during your appointment and will coach you on breathing along with providing preventative tips and tricks to aid you during your appointment. 

I hate needles, but I really want a piercing, can you help with that? 
We can! A lot of our clients hate needles! We can keep our tray behind you the entire time so you don't see the needles. 

How do you sterilize your jewelry and tools? 
Everything is placed into an autoclave pouch and then put in our autoclave where its heated until sterilized. 

My piercings are crooked and uneven on my lobes, can this be fixed? 
We can't fix the old piercings, if they are healed they will still be there but we can even them out by piercing again! If you leave the old holes alone, over time they should get smaller and less noticeable. 

When can I change my stud for a hoop in my nostril or cartilage piercing(s)? 
After 6-12 months when your piercing is completely healed.  

How do I take out my piercing jewelry?
After your piercing is healed you can take out your piercing jewelry! Simply hold the back of the earring with one hand while twisting and pulling the front off with the other. 

What’s the difference in hollow needle and a piercing gun?
Our very sharp hollow needles cause less tissue trauma, shorter healing time, and an overall more hygienic piercing than piercing with a piercing gun. Hollow needles allow for our piercers to get a precise angle for the perfect piercing. Piercing guns use a blunt stud causing tissue trauma resulting in longer healing times. Piercings done with a piercing gun also run a higher risk of infection because they are not single use.